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CONDO Insurance

Protect your unit & your belongings.

You've bought a piece of paradise. Now make sure it's covered inside and out.

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Condo Insurance Made Easy

IZC Insurance Agency specializes in placing insurance for condominiums and townhomes homes across the country. Licensed in all 50 states, our agency can cover all of your condo insurance needs, regardless of location. By partnering with best in class insurance carriers, we can shop multiple markets to find you the best rate for your condo insurance, protecting what matters most to you.


What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Condo insurance, also known as condominium insurance or HO6 insurance, is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for condominium unit owners. Condo insurance typically covers:

Dwelling Coverage

This provides protection for the interior structure of your condo unit, including walls, ceilings, floors, and fixtures against covered perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, and certain types of water damage.

Personal Property coverage

This covers your belongings inside your condo unit, such as furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, and other personal items, against damage or loss caused by covered perils.

Loss of Use Coverage

If your condo unit becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event, this coverage can help pay for additional living expenses, such as temporary lodging, meals, and transportation.

liability Coverage

This provides protection if someone gets injured while inside your condo unit or if you accidentally cause damage to someone else's property. It can help cover medical expenses, legal fees, and damages if you are sued.

Loss Assessment Coverage

This covers your share of special assessments levied by the condominium association for covered losses that exceed the association's insurance coverage.

It's important to note that condo insurance policies may have limitations, exclusions, deductibles, and coverage limits, and coverage options may vary depending on the condominium association's master policy and the specific needs of the condo owner. It's crucial to review and understand the terms and conditions of your condo insurance policy, as well as the master policy of the condominium association, to ensure you have the right coverage for your condo unit. Consulting with one of IZC's qualified insurance professionals can also help you better understand condo insurance and make informed decisions.

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What's Not Covered

Don't let gaps in your association's master policy put your investment at risk. The master insurance policy carried by the condominium association may have limitations, exclusions, and deductibles that could leave gaps in coverage. A personal condo insurance policy can help fill these gaps and provide additional protection tailored to your specific needs.

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